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Fast and robust DicomPrint Server

Dicom2Paper gives you the essential features that you can have in a DicomPrint server but at more than 50% less expensive than the competitors.

You can connect all your modalities and even add more at no extra cost!

You will be able to configure all profiles without limitation.

You can choose the selected printers, the output format, the image levels thanks to the LUT and configure the A4, A3 format as well as the booklet.

You can include a report in the booklet while leaving blank pages at your convenience before or after the images.

The database allows you to save your print jobs and even allows you to print them by changing the profile on the fly (eg from an A4 profile to a booklet).

The demo version is available without time limit and has all the functions (only a "Dicom2Paper" watermark will be printed on your boards).

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