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We are involved in all phases of a product's life, from innovation through development to launch.
Our culture is oriented above all towards the world of health, which gives us a head start on our generalist competitors.
The areas we cover have all been successfully tackled in other healthcare companies.
We have both knowledge of hardware equipment (diagnostics) and information systems (HIS, HL7, DICOM...)

For health centers

Medical specialists are very often absorbed in their job and cannot correctly manage the various investment projects linked to the acquisition of technologically complex equipment, the search for IT service providers, the search for new collaborators, or even the acquisition of a another structure or the transfer of their activity to another medical group.
​Our skills (medical, technological and commercial) will accompany you to save time and money.​
Call us and we will carry out an audit of your needs.
For industries

Most high-tech companies tend to neglect the commercial means, this is due either to the culture of the company manager (too technical) or to the lack of time.
We focus on advising you and set up the marketing and commercial teams.
Our scope is:
- recruit a sales force
- setting up a distribution network
- organize a team of commercial agents
- propose effective digital marketing solutions
- initiate the launch of a new product
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