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Applications Development

The enthusiasm of companies for mobile applications and for web and cloud solutions is a chance of opportunities, but the job of application development cannot be invented.
The covid 19 pandemic has also been an opportunity for companies to accelerate the motion of digital transformation. Vatreo can help healthcare professionals manage all types of projects, often thanks to innovative and fast frameworks.
More than 50% of application projects are doomed because conception and design work has been neglected.
Vatreo, which has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in this field, particularly in the complex world of medical imaging, can avoid pitfalls and contribute to the success of your product.
We have several development teams spread across different regions because we realize that no company in the world can claim to master all technologies and languages.
We offer our clients the best of each other's knowledge (C#, C++, HTML5, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, QT, Xamarin, LiveCode...)
Équipe de nuit au bureau

Concept and design

The key to the success of your application very much depends on this phase. Our job is to help you conceptualize your idea and translate it into a workflow and screens. The main thing in this phase is to favor the UX (User Experience) approach before the UI (User Interface)


Mobile apps

We are not a digital agency. Our job is to design and create applications for iOS and Android and to help you deploy them on distribution platforms. We have native and hybrid language experts with very good knowledge of both platforms.


Web and cloud solutions

Creating a web or cloud application requires mastering client/server technologies and databases. Added to this are data security and performance. This is where Vatreo comes in to combine all its parameters without compromise.


Automation of data flows

With modern No code / Low code tools, we can automate all your processes. We set up scenarios for:

  • Filling out forms from your emails

  • Trigger the sending of SMS following a quote

  • Automatically send a notification when a patient comes to registration

  • Automatically populate an Excel file with data from multiple forms

  • etc...

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