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  • Dicom Print and Store services

  • Compatibility with all systems (US, CT, MR, CR, DR, NM..)

  • Configuration by printing profile: A profile corresponds to the combination of all the printing parameters: choice of printer, choice of A4, A3 or booklet layout, choice of image filters, choice of Dicom class (Print or store), choice of text information, logos, patient data, choice for matching between film and paper sizes, choice of printing rules, etc.

  • Unlimited choice of profiles (creation, modification and deletion)

  • A print job made with one profile can be changed to another profile without having to resend the images. A print with an A4 profile can be turned into a booklet from the print job list

  • Communication port is unique, only AETs are discriminating (Called and calling)

  • Software available in French, English and Spanish

  • Configurable print job storage time management

  • Unlimited Dicom Worklist node creation

  • Import and export of all configurations (XML format)

  • Image filters associated with profiles, including Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Gamma, Linear LUT, Curve LUT

  • Adjustment of the filters next to the reference images: either with the use of the patterns provided or imported by the user

  • Extraction of patient demographic data automatically in Dicom Store mode and printed on the different formats

  • Extraction of patient demographic data by OCR in Dicom Print mode and printed on the different formats

  • In the booklet mode, you can configure the covers, the demographic data to be extracted, the position of the reserved white pages (to staple a report, paste a CD, etc.)

  • If the demographic data is not present (Dicom Print), the user can enter them manually or by using the integrated worklist

  • Similarly, from the task list, you can integrate any PDF document (report or other) and Dicom2Paper integrates it into the booklet, respecting the position of the images and the reserved pages

  • Integration of reports via HL7 connection to RIS

  • Dicom2Paper deployment is automatic , no "engineer" configuration, anyone can install it

  • Its use is immediate, less than 5 minutes

  • Its architecture adapts to the number of processors and distributes the load over all of these processors, making it the fastest product on the market today.

  • Its maintenance is almost non-existent and logs are available for each day

  • The demo version is complete and not limited in time.

  • The software license is activated via email.

  • The software can be adapted to an OEM version, changing the company logo, product name and email address for license activation.

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Main features

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